Our Vision

An independent society that preserves its culture and protects its environment while collaborating with partners, government agencies, researchers and international communities to meet its needs without compromising its abilities to meet the needs of future generation in terms of their environmental, social and economic stability and security.
Our Mission
1. To work with all sectors – grassroots level and government – to promote and increase Read more…


An organizational philosophy states what the organization is and who constitutes the organization. It also articulates the set of values and beliefs that the people in the organization share. These beliefs and values serve as guides in decision making involving ethical and moral questions. The CEPA philosophy is expressed thus: CEPA is a non-political and non-profit, non-government organization (NGO). It is made up of young students and professionals who are interested in the preservation of culture of the indigenous people and the protection of the environment. It recognizes the importance of the inputs of the people in the form Read more…

Values statement

  • The following characteristics constitute the core CEPA values: Recognition of the dignity and the capability of people.
  • A deep respect for the information, knowledge, experience and wisdom of community people.
  • The recognition of the equality of men and women and the need to account for that equality in our programming; a deep respect for women’s involvement in all our processes and activities.
  • A holistic approach to development that is centered on the empowerment of the poor and marginalized – this includes a commitment to participation, consultation, ownership, sustainability and community control.
  • A deep and abiding respect for the fragility of our nation’s resources and the need to protect them in the interest of present and future generations.
  • A willingness to work collaboratively and collectively with other organizations including government, NGOs, academia, international bodies and communities.

Our Activities

  1. To improve livelihood opportunities of the people in the community and promote equality and equity for women and men to ensure the preservation of traditional culture, the promotion of social justice and sustainable livelihood.
  2. To empower the people in the communities to have equality, equity and right to use and manage the natural resources.
  3. To push networking as a means to communicate to members of society their social, economic and environmental rights for increased social understanding and indigenous culture preservation.