Disaster Risk Reduction Project (DRR)

The people of the ten high vulnerable villages living along SeSan river of Ratanakiri provinces reduce their risks significantly through Disaster Risk Reduction Activities and they can initiative community helping system for living with flood.
– To identify the CRA and potential DRR program in the target communities through the research.
-To develop hazard and capacity mapping of 10 venerable villages in along SeSan river.
-To build the understanding of risk reduction options to climate variations through community risk assessments in the targeted areas.
-To enhance women’s participation in decisions around disaster risk reduction activities in the targeted communes through gender trainings.
-To work closely with national level policy makers such as the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology to research weather variation, their impact and community, and identify best adaptation practices in the targeted communes
-To work closely with, and build the skill of local level disaster committees to respond to the disasters in the identified communes.
-To develop a pilot project on DRR program in the target communities