Environmental Activist Training Project (EATP)

Students and local communities are limited in term of capacity in natural resources management; sustainable development, analysing development issues, awareness of national legislative framework and international policies, and all information interrelate to development. In order to move forward to sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Cambodia, the local communities, students and other key stakeholders need to be involved in the whole processes of development program in Cambodia. For ensuring fully participation in the processes of development program unless they have adequate capacity and capability to be leaders and key activists for social change toward sustainable development in Cambodia. Thus CEPA will provide great opportunities to poor students to practices their knowledge and train additional skills to them for transferring their skills and knowledge to local communities and supporting all activities of community fisheries and forestry to achieve their mandate during this three years period. CEPA is solid Cambodia non-governmental organization that has long experiences related to the training of student to become a environmental activists, from the beginning up to this present almost 300 students have been trained and currently some trainees became leaders of NGOs and some has medium position in government institutions, and some are active support of CEPA and local communities activities. This is indicated that CEPA has great successes in term of the training program for local communities and poor students.