Publication and Web Page project

The information plays an important role in society development. If we look at Cambodia context it has been shown that Cambodia people has no access to information especially the medias are still limited for remote areas. On the other hand, some significant information related to development programs the country has not been broadcasted publicly at the national wide. Because information has been closed that caused local people become victims. For instance: some people have been lived in the areas forest concession, social land concession, the site of multi-purpose dam, infrastructure development and etc. were forced and damaging their livelihood without notification and consultation about the propose development project in their community. Thus CEPA has initiated to develop the Newsletter Nature and Life for raising awareness about issues related to development programs that influence livelihood of local communities, experiences related to sustainable management of natural resources, and people participation in development processes to local communities and all the interest people in Cambodia. Additionally, the newsletter Nature and Life is significant tool for serving the purpose of advocacy work of CEPA.